'Don’t get in my way!'
Icon Stats
Icon Abilities
Sword Swings
You swing your unstoppable twin swords.


Spin Slash
You spin around with a mighty swing, launching your enemies into the air.
Icon Skills
Power SkillNew1SkillNew1SkillNew1SkillNew1SkillNew0.5
Defense SkillNew1SkillNew1SkillNew0SkillNew0SkillNew0
Creativity SkillNew1SkillNew0SkillNew0SkillNew0SkillNew0

Barbarian is a minifigure from Series 11. 


There isn’t a monster, prison tower, or evil tyrant in the world that the Barbarian wouldn’t try to demolish. With powerful muscles from a life in the savage wilderness and a sword gripped in each hand, he smashes, bashes, and crashes his way through every obstacle in his path, no matter how tough or dangerous it may be.

People say that the Barbarian is utterly unstoppable, and they’re almost right. He doesn’t blink at ogres, trolls, or many-headed hydras, and he laughs in the faces of evil sorcerers and axe-wielding viziers. So what’s the one thing that gives this burly brawler pause? He’s terrible at spelling. That’s why he’s started spending his weekends at the library, practicing his reading!


The Barbarian can be obtained after the players completes the Ancient Ruins pocket adventure in Mythology.

The Barbarian was available from Series 11 Minifigure Bags, as well as Part Trading. He is purple rarity. Earlier this minifigure could be unlocked for free by going to the LEGO Minifigures Online Website, signing in, and typing in the code WLJWERPBLMNX.


The Barbarian has the following tasks to complete as achievements:

  • Heroic Barbarian

Complete any 5 Barbarian achievements.

  • Legendary Barbarian

Complete any 10 Barbarian achievements.

  • Novice Barbarian

Get the third Barbarian upgrade.

  • Expert Barbarian

Get the seventh Barbarian upgrade.

Conquer the Crimson Chamber as Barbarian.

  • Barbarian: Ancient Space Ruins

Conquer the Ancient Space Ruins as Barbarian.

  • Barbarian: Treasure Island

Conquer the Treasure Island as Barbarian.

  • Barbarian: Two-Eyed Willy

Defeat Two-Eyed Willy as Barbarian.

  • Barbarian: Ponos The Pitcher

Defeat Ponos The Pitcher as Barbarian.

  • Barbarian: Ridgeback Spitter

Defeat Ridgeback Spitter as Barbarian.

  • Barbarian, the Striker

Smash 1000 Monsters as Barbarian.

  • Barbarian, the Master Striker

Smash 10000 Monsters as Barbarian.

  • Barbarian the Dragontamer

Smash 50 Drakes as Barbarian.

  • Barbarian, the Lost Challenger

Complete level 5 in the Lost Creations with Barbarian.

  • Barbarian, the Lost Warrior

Complete level 10 in the Lost Creations with Barbarian.

  • Barbarian, the Lost Champion

Complete level 15 in the Lost Creations with Barbarian.


When you use your special attack, you get a damage boost to your next attack.
After you use your special attack, you will take less damage for a while.
Elemental Affinity
You deal more damage if your minifigure Element matches the location Element.
When you smash an enemy with your Special Attack, you may receive a power-up.
Your special attack pulls enemies towards you.
You do more damage.
When you hit with your normal attack, you reduce the recharge time of your special attack.
Charge Up
Every normal attack gives you a stun charge. Your special attack releases the stun charges.
While using your special attack, you cannot be moved or stunned and enemies hitting you will get blasted.
You have more health.
You do more damage.
You do more damage.


  • This minifigure can be unlocked with a code.


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