• Michaeln23

    Bat Man seires!

    February 11, 2017 by Michaeln23

    As you know the Bat Man series is now out but we have 2 more Bat Man series coming out So 40 more Bat Man figs are coming out.

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  • Michaeln23
    1. 2 Groom.
    1. 3 Golem.
    1. 4 Dog suit guy.
    1. 5 Taco suit guy.
    1. 6 Teacher.
    1. 7 Chef.
    1. 8 Tirathlete.
    1. 9 Jeweler.
    1. 11 Boy scout.
    1. 12 Girl scout.
    1. 13 Space commander.
    1. 15 Monk.
    1. 16 LEGO designer.

    The figs on top are still not 100% true. If i am right yay! If not well darn it you youtube video. LOL.

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  • Kelvin LMO

    A little update about the LMO Offline Mode & Private Patching Server:

    To begin with, I would like to say thanks to the people who sent me the old clients files, you guys made a great contribution to the project.

    Offline Patching Server is almost completed, server currently include 50 different game versions patching files. However, some other old versions are still missing. If you have any old version game files which listed below, please contact me.

    Missing Known PC Version: 











    Missing iOS Version:


    Missing Android Version:  (…

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  • Michaeln23


    October 15, 2016 by Michaeln23

    SPOOKY PARTY! Is on OCT 31 2016 Come if you dare! ( thunder crashes and the lights go out and you hear a Spooky laugh ) It will be on discord OR Wiki chat. Bring your best spooky jokes. We can have it on WILDSTAR. Let have it at 4:00 PM Eastern time. Hope to see you there.  The page. And here is the link to WILDSTAR wiki. It takes more then 7 hours to download the game! Not good. LOL!

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  • Kelvin LMO

    According to the official LMO Forum:

    "On Monday, October 10 this forum will be closed with all content here being removed from the boards."

    The official LMO Forum will be closed and REMOVED on today, remember to save or download the posts you want to keep. There is not much time left. 

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  • Michaeln23

    FREE LEGO!!!!!!!!!!!

    October 9, 2016 by Michaeln23

    TOYSRUS is giving free lego! IDK if it will be in all Countries.

    On NOV 12th you build a NEXO knights monster and take home 12:00 PM--2:00 PM.

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  • Mythrun

    Discord Chat

    October 4, 2016 by Mythrun

    Discord is a service similar to Skype, but designed for gaming communities.
    It can be used from a browser or a downloadable client.
    A lot of gaming communities have started using it and I decided to make one for our LEGO MMO wikis.
    If you'd like to try it out, here's an invite link: [1]
    When you first join, you will need to be granted the permission to send messages, you can ask a bureaucrat to do so in the #unverified channel.

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  • Loveitfk

    Just to start out writing this blog, its gonna be short and my first and my last blog.... Looks like the game, LMO has came to an end. I posted this just to say farewell to one of my most favourate games. I wish I could have gone to the farewell party but sorry guys I could not come since I did not know the time to come if I live in singapore and even if I come, Im pretty sure the time is in the morning :( I had to play the game for the last time myslef so I was lonely without you guys. It was too lonely to say goodbye to LMO myself!! Anyways, Farewell LMO, you have been my favourate game for years and you shall be forever remembered by all of us who played in the game. I wish you will make a better replacement for LMO, Funcom!

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  • Michaeln23


    September 30, 2016 by Michaeln23









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  • Frozen.cove

    My first and last blog

    September 29, 2016 by Frozen.cove

    First things first: This blog is gonna be short.(Not like some other blogs out there :P) I don't have a lot of things to say, nor do I have a long list of shoutouts.

    I loved spending time with you guys on the chat, whether it's trying to form a LC run, raging over not getting a particular fig part, or spending hours just waiting for Sim to give us a little snippet of the next update, only for him to fall asleep on his keyboard(okay, that last part is a lie). I dunno how much time I spent on the game or the wiki, but I reckon it's about 1000 hours or so. And I don't regret any last bit of it. (Except when I was farming potions, but I only did that for about 10 minutes before I got bored)

    Shoutouts: (In Fibonacci Sequence)

    but I'm not that kind…

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  • Sim533


    September 29, 2016 by Sim533

    Hi all!

    I mean, goodbye game! Thanks Funcom for making it! :)

    I'm going to keep it short. Thanks for the amazing time on the wiki and in-game!

    Thanks to the moddies Lavoyd, Starrocks and Zoomy to keep everything allright! :)

    Thanks to the players including Frozen, Purple, Alex, Ace, Dark Yada, Eashley, Flipz, Frozen, Fusion, Rubble, Cheerful, Lavoyd, Loveitfk, Panic, Mythrun, Neal, Yoshi, Pete, ProfessorBrickkeeper, Quick, Sandal Thong, Solo Paladin, Starrocks, Verrillo, Whoosh and Zoomy for helping me out anytime in-game! :)

    Thanks to anyone who participated into the LMO Hero Quest: Board:LMO_Hero's_Quest. This was the greatest thing for me to do in-game and I enjoyed that players enjoyed the quest.

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  • Michaeln23

    CAN YOU GET IN TO LEGO MINIFIGURES ONLINE? IF YOU CAN'T UNINSTALL THE GAME AND REINSTALL THE GAME AGAIN HERE IS THE LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE GAME AGAIN HOPE IT WORKS! LOOKS like the link stopped working but you can still try. :) Go to my wall get the link there this link is odd but there the same so IDK. :)

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  • Kelvin LMO
    • Bad English Alert*

    After almost 2 months didn't look into LMO, I just realized on Monday that this game is going to end in this week (Just 3 days left). It seems to be a little bit late, and not many people still have interest in LMO, but I am currently trying to do everything I can in order to save the whole game, including making a server emulator, an offline patcher server and an offline mode of the game. Everything looks possible right now, however, I really need some important files from pervirous LMO clients in order to facilitie the work.

    If you did save the old LMO clients within this period, please contact me:

    From : Lego_LMOv0.8@464399_Lego.Client.VS2012.Hunter.DX11.Release.Win32_2014_07_09-05_57_Rev(464399)

    To:  Lego_LMOv1.5@549448_…

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  • Lavoyd

    My "Goodbye" Message

    September 26, 2016 by Lavoyd

    This won't be a long speech/it won't have shooutouts cus I know I'll end up mixing between people (hey, we're all human) :P

    Anywho, I just want to let you all know, that this community created the current me. I still remember back in November 2014, when Merry/Panic and I did LC together. It was during that run, at lvl 7, shadow, Lunar Brawl, I got my first chicken level, and got the chicken suit guy. Panic was my first LMO friend, and from there, on the same day of that run, he introduced me to the wiki. Back then, MythRun used to give out codes to who asked, and I was a bit... naggy back then, however, slowly, but surely, I developed myself by being around you guys and in the end became a "respected" moderator (cough Sawy Revolution cough)…

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  • Zoomyman3612

    Mod Entry Number-001

    September 26, 2016 by Zoomyman3612

    Hey guys, haven't seen you all in weeks, and for most of you, months! I never got around to saying goodbye to you all in LMO, and with my disappearance from Steam and Trove. I came here to show that "I'M HERE!!!". :P

    Now I really stink at giving awesome speeches and giving shout outs, but here it goes... :P

    Ion Cheerful Viper (Cheery) You were an amazing (friend) nemesis. All those times we spent bickering with one another, blowing each other up, and playing LC for Mr. Gold were some (great) horrible moments. It's been a(n) (amazing) terrible game with you in it. (Thanks for playing!) Leave. :P :P :P

    Lavoyd (Lavvy) You were...something, you played LMO like a second life, you ditched it in no time, and then you forced me into Trove with you …

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  • Solo Paladin

    Good-Bye LMO Party !!!

    September 18, 2016 by Solo Paladin

    Hi everybody !!!

    Well the end of the game is very close, so i wanted to organize a party to see all our good friends a last time in this game and say good-bye.

    I know the chat is not active but there is different platform (Steam, Wiki or others) where we could chat in parallel, we already did that sometimes ant that worked ;)

    I know the game will close the 30 september but i don't know "witch" 30 : i mean that will be the 30 in Australia before Europa and the 30 in Europa before USA ...

    So i suggest to meet the 29, during the hours :

    - GMT : 8pm until 11pm until midnight (UK)

    - GMT+1/+2 : 9pm until midnight/1am (France / Germany)

    - EST : 3pm until 6pm (USA east coast)

    - CST : 2pm until 5pm (USA center)

    - PST : 1pm until 4pm (USA West coast :cool:)


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  • Golden Fusion Quark

    What the game was like during Xmas 2014: On the 5th of December 2014, I received a game update.

    After waiting eagerly for the update to complete, the game loaded and a pop-up appeared:

    I was in the Isle of Yarr, near Jacket Beach. Behind the pop-up; the grass had been replaced with snow and I could see a Christmas tree, decorated light posts and snowballs  The pop-up showed various shop items that were on sale for reduced prices and a Daily Reward window where some stars were ready to be claimed. I clicked on the claim button and received 250 stars.

    I was keen to see what else had changed in the game and I teleported to the LEGO center:

    The floor was covered in snow except for a large present tile covering the center square of the LEGO Center. …

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  • Michaeln23

    last night at 1 in the morning 8/23/16 FUNCOM was doing a update why a apdate you asked IDK. Maybe the winter holiday world is coming back ( I asked for that. ) maybe a new fig, maybe you can now get Aztec warrior , Viking woman , DJ , Fairy and Santa. or just fixing the game before it closes LOL. Hope to see you in game soon! BYE! :)

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  • WhiteShaddow

    Hello My Friends:

    As the days roll by the END OF Game is approaching too quickly. In regards to the upcoming Series 16 Minifigures I asked Funcom will we be able to redeem the codes and add the minifigures to out accounts? Well, here is what Funcom replied:

    Thank you for contacting Funcom Customer Support.

    As far as I'm aware, I don't believe so. You're welcome to try, however, because LEGO Minifigures Online is closing in September, it's likely they won't allow you to add it. You can read more about the closing here:

    "I am determined to complete my fourth account so I will play to the absolute end. However, With a heavy heart, I say Goodbye to Everyone and Thank you for a wonderful time playing this game." …

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  • Kelvin LMO

    Anyone saved some copies of the LMO client between 2014 October and 2015 December? 

    I am doing some research in LMO, please tell me if you have saved them. :D

    Already got the linux client. :P

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  • Golden Fusion Quark

    Using Minifigures to let me know what you want to do in the game:

    I have no way of knowing what world you are in if you just teleport to a world after adding me to your group. OR if you add me to your group when I can not see you. I am not a mind reader :-/

    Please only add me to your group if you can see my minifigure and you know I have seen you.

    I usually have my Robot Minifigure on when just running around in the game, when I run around your Minifigure three times: I am saying Hi! :-) to you.

    I will usually refresh my game when a new group is created. Please refresh your game also to make sure that we are on the same server. I am in a different country, in a different hemisphere to most players. (hopefully this action will make sure we are …

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  • Zoomyman3612

    Well, it's official now, LMO will close this year on September 30th, 2016 The announcement post is from LEGO Message Boards moderator WhiteAlligator:

    "It is with a heavy heart we announce that LEGO Minifigures Online will be closing on September 30th, 2016.

    We know that many of you are still enjoying your adventures in the game, and this has been a difficult decision for us to make but unfortunately, the time has come to retire LEGO Minifigures Online.

    Starting June 6th, 2016, new players will be unable to join the game and the in-game chat will be disabled. Existing players will still be able to play up until September 30th, 2016. On iOS and Android, in-app purchases will be disabled on June 6th, 2016, and all content will be unlocked for pl…

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  • Lavoyd

    Earlier today, WhiteAlligator posted a thread on the LEGO Message Boards titled "LEGO Minifigures Online Says Goodbye"

    Here is what she posted:

    "we announce that LEGO Minifigures Online will be closing on September 30th, 2016.

    We know that many of you are still enjoying your adventures in the game, and this has been a difficult decision for us to make but unfortunately, the time has come to retire LEGO Minifigures Online.

    Starting June 6th, 2016, new players will be unable to join the game and the in-game chat will be disabled. Existing players will still be able to play up until September 30th, 2016. On iOS and Android, in-app purchases will be disabled on June 6th, 2016, and all content will be unlocked for players to enjoy before the game i…

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  • Sim533

    The end?

    April 27, 2016 by Sim533

    Funcom has published their annual report for 2015 a few days ago. The game hasn't been doing well and the company doesn't believe that it will become better in the near future. The license agreement with LEGO will end in October 2016. If Funcom has no license to use the properties of LEGO, it does possibly mean that the game will be shut down in October 2016.

    Funcom communicated in the Q3 2014 report that the initial numbers coming in from the first weeks of live data indicated that it would take longer than planned to achieve the internal targets for player and revenue in 2014 and 2015. The Company has during 2015 been unable to improve these numbers. As a result of this the revenues generated by LEGO® Minifigures Online did not meet the i…
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  • Sim533

    Series 15 on Playcards

    January 20, 2016 by Sim533

    Hi all,

    Have you already managed to add your series 15 that you collected in-game to your playcard? If not, I finally managed to add the variables to the documentation. If you're starting over with a new playcard, just copy the code from the documentation and fill in. If you're wanting to update your playcard, then copy following code bits onto the right sections:

    In the GLOW SECTION (for when your S15 minifigures got some shiny achievement)

    Adding these variables to your playcard can only be done in visual source code modus. If you have questions, please ask. :)


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  • Super Purple Cookie

    Chug: (Birthday Gremlin at bottom of Snowflake Hill)

    1. Astronaut
    2. Battle Mech
    3. Monster Scientist
    4. Motorcycle Mechanic
    5. Rock Star
    6. Sheriff

    Dark Alcove: (just after Orchard, use Enchanted Orchard teleport)

    1. Cyclops
    2. Egypatian Warrior
    3. Fright Knight
    4. Gingerbread Man
    5. Jester
    6. Kendo Fighter
    7. Spectre

    Grosh the Scout: (in Dark Forest Passage, near Dark Alcove.)

    1. Galaxy Trooper
    2. Mountain Climber
    3. Paintball Player
    4. Video Game Guy

    Maggut, the Beast Tamer: (Use Blissful Brook teleport and run around base of rock in front of it and up deck.)

    1. Evil Wizard
    2. Hun Warrior
    3. Mr. Good and Evil
    4. Warrior Woman
    5. Wolf Guy
    6. Zombie Pirate

    Mysterious Crystal Cave: ( in Crystal Quarry, take FairyCourt teleport and go straight across bridge)

    1. Battle Goddess
    2. Chicken Suit Guy
    3. Farmer
    4. Gargoyle
    5. Hot Dog Man
    6. Judge
    7. Mr. Gold
    8. Pretzel Gi…
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  • Super Purple Cookie

    Skram Gatecrasher: (Troll on far Left towards end of Troll Siege, just after Medieval Village, use Farmlands teleport)

    1. Galaxy Trooper
    2. Mountain Climber
    3. Paintball Player
    4. Video Game Guy

    Siege Command Room: (Tool pocket on far Right after Medieval Village, in Troll Siege area, opposite Skram, use Farmlands teleport)

    1. Alien Trooper
    2. Evil Mech
    3. Goblin
    4. Janitor
    5. Jewel Theif
    6. Medusa
    7. Plumber
    8. Saxophone Player
    9. Space Miner
    10. Spooky Girl
    11. Zombie Businessman

    Big Bad Wolf: (before Bewitched Forest, use Fortification teleport)

    1. Island Warrior
    2. Fly Monster
    3. Roller Derby Girl
    4. Tomahawk Warrior

    Ouch Ouch: (gremlin sorcerer, on Left before bridge, on beach Left of Uggluk. Use Dragon Halls teleport.)

    1. Goblin
    2. Jewel Theif
    3. Medusa
    4. Saxophone Player
    5. Spooky Girl

    Uggluk Gatekeeper: (Troll close to base of Dra…

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  • Super Purple Cookie

    Giant Spider: (near River Crossing teleport)

    1. Cyclops
    2. Egyptian Warrior
    3. Frightening Knight
    4. Gingerbread Man
    5. Jester
    6. Kendo Fighter
    7. Spectre

    Karna Itta: (River Crossing teleport, behind the Free the pirate prisoners quest, on the beach in the back Right tip behind the 3 Witch Doctors there)

    1. Disco Diva
    2. Grandma
    3. Librarian
    4. Pizza Delivery Man

    Smuggy Totembound: (skeleton pirate- use Volcano Passage teleport)

    1. Evil Wizard
    2. Hun Warrior
    3. Mr. Good and Evil
    4. Warrior Woman
    5. Wolf Guy
    6. Zombie Pirate

    Crimson Chamber: (Life Pocket - use the Heart of the Volcano teleport)

    1. Animal Control
    2. Barbarian
    3. Bumblebee Girl
    4. Dino Tracker
    5. Plant Monster
    6. Samurai
    7. Shark Suit Guy
    8. Tribal Warrior

    Temper: (Fire hound boss. Use Volcano Passage teleport)

    1. Banshee
    2. Decorator
    3. Fairytale Princess
    4. Fencer
    5. Mermaid
    6. Policeman
    7. Revolutionar…
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  • Super Purple Cookie

    Chunk the Tiger:' '(just outside banana quest, use Pirate Isle Teleport)

    1. Alien Avenger
    2. Carpenter
    3. Clumsy Guy
    4. Forest Maiden
    5. Grandpa
    6. Laser Mech
    7. Lifegaurd Guy
    8. Monster Rocker
    9. Paleontologist
    10. Scientist
    11. Sea Captain
    12. Square Foot
    13. Yeti

    '​Two Eyed Willy: '(over bridge to Left after Chunk)

    1. Animal Control
    2. Barbarian
    3. Bumblebee Girl
    4. Dino Tracker
    5. Plant Monster
    6. Samurai
    7. Tribal Woman

    Native's Hollow: (Magic pocket- Luch Jungle teleport)

    1. Disco Diva
    2. Grandma
    3. Librarian
    4. Pizza Delivery Man

    Crazy Kotaki: (between free pirate prisoner area and Native's Hollow pocket on a platform to the Left)

    1. Constable
    2. Heroic Knight
    3. Swashbuckler
    4. Tiger Woman
    5. Trendsetter

    The Weaver: (close to Cobweb Cranny teleport)

    1. Baseball Fielder
    2. Battle Goddess
    3. Farmer
    4. Fortune Teller
    5. Holiday Elf
    6. Hot Dog Man
    7. Judge
    8. Mr. Gold
    9. Queen
    10. Unicorn Girl
    11. Wacky…
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  • Sim533

    Enjoy 2016! :D

    January 1, 2016 by Sim533

    Out with the old, in with the new: may you be happy the whole year through. Happy New Year! May 2016 bring us lots of fun and another peacefull year. Cheers! :)

    [Photo Source]

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  • Sim533

    Series 15 Overview

    December 26, 2015 by Sim533

    Series 15 is here!

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  • Sim533

    Series 15?

    December 16, 2015 by Sim533

    Series 14 had a spooky 'release', but it appears that Series 15 got in-game even spooky-er... BOOO :p If it's true, I'll look into updating the playcard by next week.

    Christmas is getting close too.. Is there something coming to LMO? (Like the winter update of last year. ) Something special going to happen?

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  • Starrocks923

    Series 15

    December 7, 2015 by Starrocks923

    We've been getting more and more information about the upcoming LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 15 blind bags, and more pictures are currently hitting the internet. LUGs such as Eurobricks have found pictures of 16 brand new Minifigures, which will release in January 2016.

    Here's a link from Brickipedia, a LEGO Wiki, that details all the information we currently know about the Series:

    An appearance in LEGO Minifigures Online is, at this point, still unconfirmed. 

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  • PopStarĎĎ

    Server Update

    October 27, 2015 by PopStarĎĎ

    In the LEGO Minifigures Online is new update. Character Parts of Lost Creations is now more available. From one completed level it's Character Part in Treasure Chamber. From completed Gatekeeper it's second.

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  • Pete.soebekti

    pete's blog

    October 18, 2015 by Pete.soebekti
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  • Dosentmatter


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  • Legoanimals750

    Help please

    October 7, 2015 by Legoanimals750

    This is something i should of asked ages ago. Who much is Lego Minifigure Online for PC on Steam and do I have to pay 4 or 5 dollors for each world?

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  • Sim533

    So yeah...

    October 2, 2015 by Sim533

    Hi everybody,

    How is everybody doing?

    I just want to get some things straight because people are thinking that I'm inactive. I'm still checking the wiki everyday but yeah I'm seeing a decrease in visitors and honestly, I didn't got much to talk lately.

    My personal opinion is that the game is also slowly dying, although if I'm wrong feel free to correct me. Maybe we can organize something to have a day fun in the game we all love together. Fun, challenges, chatting... Discuss, if you dare.. (oh wait, it's no halloween yet :p)


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  • Dark Yada

    Nevermind. Confused conversations, remove please thank you.

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  • Sim533

    Follow above link to find it out!

    I'm a Monster Scientist.

    "Rarely has the world seen a sillier mind than yours, and what a gift it is! Never let anyone tell you that healthy candy houses, mind-reading sweat bands, time traveling baseball caps or pet cars are impossible. Just make them!"
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  • Sim533

    Short notice that Lego Minifigures Online is currently half-priced on both website and Steam. Meaning you can now buy LMO 50% cheaper than the original price.

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  • LEGOpanic99

    Booya! It's about time!!! We are getting Series 14 in game along with Monster Trials!!!!! Here is what Tomium said about it: :D

    Hi everyone! The servers will be coming down for an UPDATE today, 31 August, at 10:00 AM EST, 1400 UTC.  This should take about two hours.  I asked the scientists what was being done, and the orange scientist said:

    "The Monster Trials are going to open! Find entrance Tickets by completing Area Quests or finishing Dungeons and use the tickets to enter the trials! The content of the Trials automatically scales to your level, so you can do them at any time regardless of how far into the story you are! The Monster Trials entrance can be found in the LEGO Center. Give it a shot!

    Also, Series 14 is here! Redeem your Serie…

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  • Starrocks923

    It's that time again. Series 14 is scheduled to release in September, but stores around the world are already releasing their Minifigure boxes in spite of embargo, as LEGO prepares to make a profit yet again!

    As usual, who needs what Minifigure will be posted here. We will attempt to help everyone find what they need before the Monster Trials is over. Please comment below if you have not been added to the list. Order of preference is NOT order of names-try to help everyone on the list if you can.


    Lavoyd , ExtremeLuckyPhoenix, Zoomyman3612, Special-red-brick, ChaoticWhooshBug,  Ace Savvy Dollar, MedievalSpookyTank, HiccupMysteryAtom, Legokirbytwin, LEGOpanic99, Dark Yada, Eashley, Golden Fusion Quark, IonCheerfulViper, ProfessorBrickke…

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  • Starrocks923

    If you have ANY questions about the game, who better to ask than the GMs?

    I got this response back from GM Xlaevis when I requested help identifying Series 14 codes:


    Thank you for contacting Funcom Customer Support. I can identify three of those codes. In order, the codes are as follows:

    -------------------------- LEGO Series 14 Minifigure: Gargoyle

    -------------------------- LEGO Series 14 Minifigure: Spectre

    -------------------------- LEGO Series 14 Minifigure: Fly Monster

    The fourth code doesn't look like one I can identify. If you can, please directly reply to this email with a .jpg or .png photo of the code, so I can try to identify it. Thank you for your support!


    GM Xlaevis

    Customer Service Representative

    Funcom Customer Ser…

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  • Sim533

    Funcom's Q2 Report

    August 26, 2015 by Sim533

    Today there was quite early in the morning a new quarter presentation and report from Funcom for Q2. That's an event for investors to ensure that they invest further by telling them all the news about the company.

    If you're interested in reading it all:

    And if you're not, here are the bullet points regarding LMO:

    • LMO was launched as a buy-to-play, but revenues are lower than expected.
    • Interest for the game from game meida was lower than expected - possibly because the was already available on PC and MAC for almost a year.
    • Press reviews scores were lower than anticipated by above expectations on iOS.
    • S14 will be integrated into LMO in September. As usual, each minif…
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  • Sim533

    PROTIP when buying S14!

    August 24, 2015 by Sim533

    Series 14 will hit store on September 1st. Although that many shops are already selling them. There's a 'feelers' guide' around on the internet which is very handy if you're looking for a particular minifigure.


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  • Sim533

    Coming Soon: Monster Trials

    August 24, 2015 by Sim533

    We're getting really close to the release of S14 - a series all about Halloween. LEGO Minifigures Online will soon have an update so players can also get Series 14 in-game and PLAY with them! :)

    Getting Series 14 in-game is possible WITHOUT buying them. But they won't be given away in-game for nothing... Players must survive Monster Trials in order to receive parts for them! :D

    Like Tomium already mentioned:

    "The Monster Trials are a short sequence of playfields, much in the light of what you'd find in Lost Creations, but with a couple of new surprises."
    "The idea with the Monster Trials is to have a bit of randomly generated content to break the pace or hunt minifigures alongside the Story progression of the game. The content of the Trials au…
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  • Sim533

    Evil Knight Code

    August 21, 2015 by Sim533

    Our fellow player Chaotic Whoosh Bug pointed out that an exclusive code has been given in an email of the LEGO Club. With the code players can unlock the Evil Knight! The code is universal, so everybody can use it. The code has been posted below:


    Many thanks, Chaotic Whoosh Bug! :D


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  • Sim533

    Today another thread on the LMB's showed up posted by Community Manager Tomium. The thread contains questions and answers related to the recent changes of the game and upcoming content coming to the game.

    Q: What happened to the brick plates we had? I want all red!

    A: The brick system design had a pretty important flaw. Everyone wanted all red! The customization options it provided were being completely ignored in the pursuit of more damage, because damage is perceived to be the most powerful stat. One of the reasons why we decided to remove the brick system was because nobody was really using it anyways (everyone was going all red). It simply added a layer of complexity that didn't contribute to the game's fun.

    We've seen a lot of comments …

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  • Sim533

    Series 14: Achievements

    August 17, 2015 by Sim533

    A few days ago, I've posted the cool quotes and bios for S14. Now it's time to talk about their achievements. Along the line with the older series, there will be 16 achievements for each minifigure coming soon in-game!

    Please note that this list may not be final. Any changes can still happen. ;)

    Banshee: Wind Shrine, Ancient Ruins, Treasure Island
    Tiger Woman: Abandoned Temple, Scorched Ruins, Skyforge
    Zombie Cheerleader: Mysterious Crystal Cave, Cliffside, Dragon Halls
    Wacky Witch: Bewitched Candy Forest, Cave of the Exiled, Dragon Halls
    Spider Lady: Swamp Tunnel, Infested Keep, Alien Command Center
    Skeleton Guy: Swamp Tunnel, Infested Keep, Alien Command Center
    Fly Monster: Cliffside, Bewitched Candy Forest, Skyforge
    Gargoyle: Cave of the Exiled…

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