Chlora the Fungomancer

Chlora the Fungomancer


Chlora the Fungomancer is a Forest Leafling Champion in the Enchanted Forest. Chlora the Fungomancer must be summoned in order for the user to encounter this boss. This boss can be summoned by the user building three gray, mushroom-like structures found in the area between the Fairy Court and The Swamp of Trollish Fumes.


  • Past the barrier, off the main path, before the entrance to the Infested Keep. (Summoned near the gray, mushroom-like structure that is surrounded by a circle of stone Shrooms, usually the last structure for the user to build if they enter from the Fairy Court).


  • Chlora the Fungomancer will shoot daggers at the player.
  • She will heal herself and nearby allies.
  • She will summon Hophop Shrooms.
  • She releases surrounding stone Boom Shrooms and Spore Shrooms, which will be able to attack players now.


  • Smashing her the first time will result in the achievement Chlora the Explorer.

Defeat Chlora the Fungomancer for 25 points each as:


  • She can be differentiated by a regular Forest Leafling due to having musical notes particles during the battle.
  • Originally green, she is now red and can be easily identified from a normal Forest Leafling.


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