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The Dino World is a world in LEGO Minifigures Online. There is a world area in the LEGO Center, just next to the Mythology World. The addition of the Dino World game zone has increased the level cap to 30 and all this is just a small sample of what Dino World has to offer. A group of scientists were working on fixing an ancient portal in the base camp. The player will be able to visit this portal and the player can visit the Lost Creations which lie within after doing the main quests of the Dino World!


After defeating the challenges in Mythology World the player can now head on to the secluded Dino World. The Dino Tracker has already set up a base camp and she wants the players to help out different Minifigures in the area. Fight Spinosaur Spitters and Raptor Bruisers to help the Scuba Diver clean up the mysterious purple goo in the pond area, gather fire for the Caveman so he can do paintings in his cave and help the Zookeeper return a Pterodactyl egg to its nest. After showing the skill to the Dino Tracker she will open the challenging Gauntlet dungeon for you, where the scary T-Rex awaits! After you defeat the T-rex you gain access to Lost Creations.



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