Dragon Halls


Icon Requirements
You have to be level 10.
Icon Worlds Accessible
Icon Enemies
Razorback, Ember Hatchling, Moon Gazer, Scorch, the Firestarter, Crooked Tooth Ruffian, Crooked Tooth Crusher, Crooked Tooth Piper, Summoned Gremlin, Crooked Tooth Brute, Crooked Tooth Brawler, Crooked Tooth Hunter, Crooked Tooth Shaman, Mysterious Object, Dragon Cult Ruffian, Dragon Cult Brawler, Dragon Cult Hunter, Dragon Cult Piper, Dragon Cult Brute, Dragon Cult Crusher, Gnaw, Guardian of Strength, Dragon Cult Hurler, Krook, Guardian of War, Bork, Guardian of Fire, Krash, the Arena Champion, Redwing the Firequeen.
Icon Major Characters
Icon Interactive map
Not available

"Deep within the Dragon Halls the mythical Firequeen guards her famed treasure."

Dragon Halls is an Epic Dungeon from the Kingdom in the Medieval World.

Minifigure Parts

The following Minifigure Parts could be found here:


The following Minifigure Parts can be found here:


Associated Quests

  • Destroy the Mysterious Object. You cannot proceed until you do this. You cannot retreat unless enemies smash all 3 of your characters.
  • Defeat the Dragon Guardians.
  • Best the Champion of the Arena. You cannot proceed until you do this.
  • Defeat Redwing the Firequeen for free and member loot chests and to complete the dungeon. You cannot retreat unless your team is broken.


Character Points

Battle Tactics

  • Two Buildies pump water to put out the fires caused by Redwing.


  • After defeating Redwing, a jumper appears to launch you to the platform with the exit.
  • >110 Enemies, ~135 Smashies, 2 Buildies.


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