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Each Pocket Adventure has an Element; Epic Dungeons also have an Element, but Story Dungeons do not. Each Minifigure has an Element, too.

  • When a Minifigure is in a location of matching element, it's stronger than a minifigure that doesn't match the element. (This is more noticeable in Space World and Mythology World Pocket Adventures.)
  • The seventh Minifigure upgrade is called Elemental Affinity, which gives another bonus when the minifigure is in a location of matching element.
  • At the start of the Lost Creations you will see the element of the first world and can choose your team to match.
  • If you are using a minifigure with an incorrect element type and you use a long lasting attack, if you switch to a minifigure of the correct element type, the attack will act as if it was the new minifigues attack, making it deal more damage and take on effects of the second minifigure. E.g. In Dragon Halls(Magic) the Egyptian Warrior uses sand storm and then switches to the Wizard, the sand storm will act as the Wizard's attack. If the Wizard has sponge, the sand storm would heal the Wizard when it hits an enemy.












Light: This element represents Minifigures who are particularly good, lawful, helpful or famous.

Magic: This element represents Minifigures who can do sorcery, belong in the fairy tales or have super-human abilities.

Nature: This element represents Minifigures who belong in the woodland and are close to the earth.

Shadow: This element represents Minifigures that are monstrous, chaotic, destructive and infamous.

Tech: This element represents Minifigures which use technology, are futuristic and handy with their equipment.

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