Enchanted Forest


Icon Requirements
Level 10, Discovered the secret of the King's Crown, You need to have collected at least 8 minifigures to enter.
Icon Worlds Accessible
The Kingdom, Sorcerer's Keep
Icon Enemies
Crooked Tooth Ruffian, Ballista,

Crooked Tooth Defender, Crooked Tooth Brute, Crooked Tooth Fizzler, Crooked Tooth Hurler, Chug, Spore Shroom (1st: behind barrier), Grey Wolf, Alpha Wolf, Crooked Tooth Brawler Crooked Tooth Crusher, Crooked Tooth Hunter, Grosh the Scout, Crooked Tooth Piper, Crooked Tooth Shaman, Maggut the Beast Tamer, Boom Shroom, Spore Shroom, Forest Treeman, Spiderling, Small Spider Mound, Forest Leafling, Spider Mound, Summoned Spider, Crimson Leg Crawler, Hophop Shroom, Rootbrick, Razorback, Moon Gazer, Ember Hatchling, Chlora the Fungomancer, Mudfoot Brawler, Mudfoot Hunter, Mudfoot Crusher, Mudfoot Piper, Mudfoot Shaman, Mudfoot Defender, Derp the Internet Troll, Black Widow.

Icon Major Characters
Wizard, Flora-Queen of the Faeries, King James the Just, Video Game Guy
Icon Interactive map
Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest

Created by Sim533Created by Sim533

The Enchanted Forest is the second playfield of the Medieval World after the Kingdom.


The evil wizard, Pieromancer Elementius has stolen the king's crown to use in a magic ritual to enslave the people of the Kingdom. You must find the sorcerer's tower and stop him. Along the way you find magical barriers put up by the faerie queen to protect her forest. You must get her permission to pass through to continue your quest.

Minifigure Parts

The following minifigure parts can be found here:

Associated Quests

  • Help Grandma collect her Apples
  • Make the Dark Forest passage safe
  • Diminish the wild growth in the Living Forest
  • Clear the Quarry of unwanted visitors
  • Fight the infestation in the Cursed Forest.
  • Assault the Swamp Troll Hideout.

Story Dungeons

Epic Dungeons

  • None

Pocket Adventures

Defeat the miniboss(es) in Pocket Adventures to get free and member loot chests.

  • Dark Alcove. Conquer as Cyclops or Jester (50 points each).
  • Mysterious Crystal Cave. Conquer as Battle Goddess, Chicken Suit Guy, Pretzel Girl or Prospector (50 Points each) or Judge (25 Points).
  • Infested Keep. Conquer as Fairytale Princess or Mermaid (50 Points each) or Hun Warrior or Mr. Good and Evil (25 Points each).
  • Swamp Tunnel. Conquer Swamp Tunnel as Battle Mech, Fairytale Princess(12), Genie Girl(12), Hollywood Starlet, Mermaid, Motorcycle Mechanic or Rock Star (50 Points each).


A Champion is shown with a red and orange circle. Sometimes defeating one will earn free and member Loot Chests.

Story Quests

You can do these only once for reward.

  • Find the Sorcerer's Tower. Reward: 50 diamonds.
  • Ask the Faerie Queen about the Magical Barrier. Reward: 10 diamonds.
  • Collect magic crystals at the Quarry. Reward: 10 diamonds.
  • Return to the Faerie Queen. Reward: 10 diamonds.
  • Go to the Sorcerer's Keep. Reward: 50 diamonds.


Waiter parts used to be found in Medieval World playfields and dungeons; it's moved to Pirate World and been replaced by Grandpa parts.


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