Game Codes are special codes given out through promotions. These codes will grant the player something that is useful in the game such as minifigures. When the player finds a code, all the player has to do is enter the code at the register website or click the "Redeem Code" button in the Membership UI in-game. The code's reward will be activated on the player account.

Starting from Series 12, players can find game codes in the packages they are buying. With the game code, they will unlock the minifigure in the game.

List of Game Codes

Game code rewardCodeDescriptionDuration
Grants the Barbarian minifigureWLJWERPBLMNXCode found in a German LEGO catalog
25 June 2014 -
31 December 2014
Grants the Pirate Captain figure9UP-6UK-R5V-FDCCode found at Link14 January 2015 - 30 September 2016?
Grants the Rock Star minifigureH44-D35-MK7-374Code from promotional Funcom email 
Grants the Spooky Girl minifigureTW5-QD8-N36-264Code from promotional Funcom email 
Grants the Evil Knight figureM37-3D4-92P-6UKCode found at Link