"Prove your worth in this ultimate test of strength, cunning and valor."



Icon Requirements
Complete both:
  • You have to be Level 25.
  • Obtained permission from Dino Tracker.
Icon Worlds Accessible
Dinosaur Rise
Icon Enemies
Icon Major Characters
Dino Tracker
Icon Interactive map
<imap map-id=4032 />

Gauntlet is the Story Dungeon of the Dino World. The player will be granted access from the Dino Tracker after collecting the 4 elements in the Dinosaur Rise. After completing the quests in the dungeon and defeating T-Rex, the player will be granted access to the Lost Creations.

Minifigure parts

The following minifigure parts can be found here:

Associated Quests

  • Find a way to open the door. You cannot continue until you do.
  • Get to the other side in one piece.
  • Activate all the pressure plates.
  • Rebuild the statues.
  • Shoot down the targets.
  • Manuever through the piston pushers.
  • Find your way through the maze.

Story Quests


  • Build 15 Mythology Statues (4 are here) for 50 points as:
    • (9) Plumber, Fortune Teller,
    • (11) Grandpa, Sad Clown, Scientist,
    • (12) Fairytale Princess, Space Miner.


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