Gorgon Zola

Gorgon Zola


Gorgon Zola is a champion in the Skyforge. You must defeat her in order to continue, and cannot retreat unless you do or your group is smashed.


Gorgon Zola is a Swiftblade Gorgon. She attacks with a scimitar in close combat.

  • When damaged a little, she summons a group of allies, including Acidic Gorgons and Fire-Maw Brutes.
  • When damaged more, she summons a second group of allies as above.
  • When damaged even more, she summons a third group of allies as above.



Battle Tactics

  • Break her first group of allies before damaging her again, to postpone summoning the second wave. After you do and attack her again, then break her second group of allies before damaging her more, to postpone the third wave.
  • If you attack her with a ranged-attack just inside the barrier, she might not fight back or summon her allies.
  • If you are able to defeat her quickly, the barrier will fall, so you can retreat through it. Her allies will follow for a length, then turn back and disappear. Then you don't have to fight them.


  • Her name is a pun on the word Gorgonzola, a type of cheese except with space.
  • Her name could be referenced to Gordon Zola from The LEGO Movie.


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