A Level system is available for players in LEGO Minifigures Online. Players can level up their minifigures, upgrading their level of their account, and upgrade the level of a power brick. An increase in level results in an increase of power.

Minifigure Leveling

Every minifigure can be leveled up using Stars. These levels are used to unlock the skill tree upgrades, which then cost an additional star amount or diamonds. To be able to upgrade a level, you need to reach a certain level on your account. Below is a table, which lists the levels, stars/diamonds required to get an upgrade:

Level Level required Stars required for level upgrade Stars required for skill upgrade of that level Diamonds required for skill upgrade of that level
1 0 N/A N/A N/A
2 3 50 300 13
3 6 110 500 22
4 9 250 800 36
5 12 400 1100 49
6 15 650 1400 63
7 18 1000 1800 81
8 21 1400 2500 103
9 27 2100 3250 126
10 N/A

Account Leveling

This level represents how far your account has got in the game. Smashing enemies earns account-wide experience points. After collecting a certain amount of experience points, the account will automatically level-up. For every level, you earn more health. Reach a certain level will also unlock new worlds. The account level is one of the most used requirements to reach a certain world. This is to prevent players from be fighting with too strong bosses or mini-bossses. There is a level cap in every world, which prevents an player from leveling up too much. As of 12/22/2014, the maximum level cap is 30. An increase in account level results in an increase in every minifigure's health points, attack/defense/building power.

Brick Leveling

Power bricks can be collected during battles and are rather common. The more the player collect, the higher the level will be for a certain brick. Upgrading the level of a brick is done automatically. There are 8 sorts of bricks to upgrade. The maximum level for each brick is 8. Bricks can be used to increase all minifigures' attack/defense/creativity for as long as the bricks are on the brick plate. 


  • In much of the Closed Beta, level 20 (account-wide) was the cap.
  • Originally minifigure leveling was not locked behind account levels. This was added midway through Closed Beta.
  • The higher level upgrades(level 8 to 10) of a minifigure were locked during Open Beta and first one to two months after the official launch because they require the players account to be level 21, but the level cap at that time was level 20. Even though the level cap was later raised to 30, the skill tree upgrades were still under construction, and therefore the level upgrades still weren't accessible. However, the level requirement could be bypassed by clicking very rapidly on the upgrade button and starting from level 1, and players could get as far as level 9. The skill tree upgrades could also be purchased, despite them being under construction.
Proof 2

A player bypassing the under construction sign on the upgrade button.

  • Stars can be bought from the shop.