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Regular Enemy

Medics are Jacket enemies found in Pirate World, Medieval World, Space World and in Lost Creations.


Players first meet the Medics after passing the Jacket Beach checkpoint in Isle of Yarr. They can also be found in Space World, albeit in the form of an Abducted Medic. Both forms show up in Lost Creations.


Besides being able to attack, they can also heal themselves or other enemies, by throwing a potion at them.



Battle Tactics

  • If you are trying to beat a difficult enemy, you may want to defeat Medics first.
  • When fighting a Mastermind you may want to ignore a Medic, since another one (or a Witch Doctor) can take its place.
  • Since Lost Medic has a lot of health and can quickly heal itself to full, it is very difficult to beat by a lone player.


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