Monster Trials


Icon Requirements
Icon Worlds Accessible
Icon Enemies
Spectre, Banshee, Moon Gazer, Wacky Witch
Icon Major Characters
Icon Interactive map
Not available

The Monster Trials is a special adventure. It's accessable from LEGO Center

Minifigure Parts

The following Minifigure Parts can be found here:


Smash Test Dummy (1000 Stars & 100 pts)

  • The Golden Ticket: Receive an invitation to the Monster Trials! (500 Stars & 50 pts)
  • The Fearless: Complete the Haunted Grove without picking up a light. (500 Stars & 50 pts)
  • The Cursed Runner: Complete the Cursed Grove in less than 1 minute 30 seconds while not in a team. (500 Stars & 50 pts)
  • Champions of the Trials: Survive the Monster Trials. (500 Stars & 50 pts)


  • This is the only area, in which enemies are also playable minifigures.

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