Morduk, the Underhanded

Morduk, the Underhanded


Morduk, the Underhanded is a champion in the Mythology Mountains just past the Minotaur Refuge entrance.


Morduk, the Underhanded is an Ogre Smasher accompanied by two Ogre Rockcrushers.

  • He can dash towards a Minifigure, launching them at the air.
  • He can crush the floor with a powerful attack.
  • He can swing his hammer in front of him but he will not be able to move at the same time.


Defeat Morduk, the Underhanded for 25 points each as Chicken Suit Guy (9), Skydiver (10), Pretzel Girl (11), Prospector (12), Gargoyle (14).

Battle Tactics

  • When he's swinging his hammer get out of the way.
  • You may want to break his allies first.


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