Mythology Mountains


Icon Requirements
You have to be level 20, unlocked the Mythology World, and collected at least 16 minifigures to enter.
Icon Worlds Accessible
Icon Enemies
Breeze-Maw Berserker, Chill-Feather Sentinel, Chill-Feather Raider, Wisp, Hecate, the Winter Witch, Breeze-Maw Mystic, Roar, the Gladiator, Minotaur Brute, Minotaur Warrior, Swiftblade Gorgon, Acidic Gorgon, Sylph, Nyx Blackfeather, King of the Maze, Crone of the Maze, Ogre Smasher, Ogre Rockcrusher, Morduk, the Underhanded, Janos the Unforgiving, Ponos the Pitcher, Skeleton Axeman, Skeleton Vanguard, Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Mage, Lord Minos, the Lich, Summoned Skeleton, Sir Hector.
Icon Major Characters
Zeus, Archer-goddess, bearded-partier in toga, Mermaid, centurion, elder, three Oracles-the Grey Sisters,
Icon Interactive map
Mythology Mountains

Mythology Mountains

Created by Sim533Created by Sim533

The Mythology Mountains is the main playfield of the Mythology World. The maximum level (you can gain) for this area is 26.

Minifigure Parts

The following Minifigure Parts can be found here:

Associated Quests

  • Ruffle up the Mountain Pass dwellers.
  • Rescue the captured villagers.
  • Prove your strength in the Ogre Mountains.
  • Push back the skeleton horde.

Story Dungeons

Players are required to complete Story Dungeons in order to advance along the story path. Complete these Story Dungeons in order to complete the Mythology World.

Epic Dungeons

Complete Skyforge with the listed Minifigures (and Series #) for Achievements:

Pocket Adventures

Complete the Pocket Adventures with the listed Minifigures (and Series #) for Achievements:


These are enemies, usually with a distinct name, and most often with an orange and red circle around them. They usually regenerate a short while later than regular enemies. Occasionally you may receive free and member Loot Chests for defeating them. Listed are the Minifigures (and Series #) you will need to go Champion smashing for Achievements:

Minifigure Specific Achievements

Minfigure Specific Achievements that may be gained only in the Mythology Mountains are as follows:

Story Quests

You can do these only once.


  • The Mythology Statue outside Ancient Ruins is set to fastest build speed, even if your minifigure's build level is ½ star.
  • Nyx Blackfeather is a Champion, though he doesn't have the yellow and red circle around him.



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