Nyx Blackfeather

Nyx Blackfeather


Nyx Blackfeather is a champion in the Mythology Mountains found below the maze and across a stream by a hidden jumper. He is not currently visible, but drops down with two Chill-Feather Raider allies when you enter his area.


Nyx Blackfeather is a Harpy Sentinel. He performs either a kick attack or a knife attack from the air. About every third attack he does a spin as well.


Defeat Nyx Blackfeather as Hollywood Starlet (9), Waiter (9), Roman Commander (10), Diner Waitress (11), Lady Robot (11), Genie Girl (12), Piggy Guy (12), Classic King (13), Ballerina (15), Faun (15), or Flying Warrior (15) for 25 points each.

Battle Tactics

Nothing special.


  • Nyx Blackfeather currently does not have the standard orange and red circle associated with Champions.
  • Every so often when you break him, free and member Loot Chests drop, indicating that he is indeed a Champion.


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