Ponos the Pitcher

Ponos In-Game


Ponos the Pitcher is a Champion at the Mythology Mountains located after the Skyforge entrance.


  • Ponos the Pitcher is an Ogre Rockcrusher. When attacking, he hurls boulders or Crooked Tooth Ruffians, who will then attack. He loves to beat his chest and roar.


Defeat Ponos the Pitcher as Waiter (9), Bumblebee Girl (10), Diner Waitress (11), Barbarian (11), Dino Tracker (12), Piggy Guy (12), Classic King (13), Samurai (13), Plant Monster (14), Animal Control (15), Faun (15), Flying Warrior (15), Shark Suit Guy (15), or Tribal Woman (15) for 25 points each.



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