Raibi, the Fire Seer

Raibi the Fire Seer


Raibi, the Fire Seer is a champion in the Skyforge. You must defeat him in order to continue, and cannot retreat unless you do or your group is smashed.


Raibi, the Fire Seer is a Fire-Maw Mystic, (a.k.a. Breeze-Maw Mystic). He can cast spells to create a fire pit and heal an ally. Usually he does not heal himself.

  • When damaged a little, he summons a group of allies including Fire-Maw Mystics and Fire-Maw Brutes.
  • When damaged more, he summons a second group of allies as above.



Battle Tactics

  • If he's in the middle, run around him to avoid his attacks and move out of the fire pits.
  • Break his first allies before damaging him which summons the second wave.
  • If you attack him with a ranged-attack just inside the barrier, he might not fight back or summon his allies.
  • If you are able to defeat him quickly, the barrier will fall, so you can retreat through it. His allies will follow for a length, then turn back and disappear. Then you don't have to fight them.


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