Rewards are items you sometimes get for defeating Enemies, hitting Smashies, constructing Buildies, completing Dungeons and achievements, or advancing the story.

  • If you open free and member Loot Chests you sometimes get the rare types (see below), as well as the common rewards.
  • A Daily Reward is currently running that gives stars, health potions, diamonds, and a Minifigure Bag (on days 7 and 113). All you have to do is log in every day to collect it and advance the day count. If you skip a day or a week, you don't miss anything, but your day count won't advance.

Experience Points

When you defeat an enemy, you gain some experience points if you have not already reached the maximum Level for the world you are playing. When you level-up (automatically), all your Minifigures gain some health, and likely their attack and defense strength improves as well. Your maximum level is 30.


A Power-up is used immediately on your current Minifigure. Some Minifigure upgrades increase the likelihood of receiving a Power-up during combat.

  • Hearts. A heart restores some health to your current Minifigure. If you are full health, there's no effect.
  • Shield. A shield gives your Minifigure added defense for a short period of time.
  • Lightning. Lightning gives your Minigiure a stronger attack for a short period of time.

General Types

  • Stars. Stars are saved to be used later to upgrade your Minifigures.
  • Power Bricks. Bricks come in different shapes and colors. The are used to fill out the pattern which gives a bonus to your team in attack, defense, and building speed. As you get more of the same brick, it goes up in level until it reaches 8.
  • Health Potions. These are not too common and are saved to be used later to restore your current Minifigure to full health.

Rare Types

These are available as story rewards and in free and member Loot Chests. In a free chest, you can get 1 or more Diamonds or 1 Minifigure Part, but not both in a free chest. Unlike other rewards that automatically take effect or increase your counter, you must click on these to claim them.

  • Diamonds. These can be saved to buy a Minifigure Bag, unlock a dungeon or Minifigure that's timed out, or to upgrade a Minifigure instead of using stars. They are also part of the Daily Reward.
  • Minifigure Part or baseplate. These are used to build a Minifigure you do not have, when you find its head, body, and legs as well as a baseplate. Once you already have it, you can trade all 3 (a head, body and legs) for 1 random part.

Minifigure Bag

  • Once as a reward in the Isle of Yarr you gain a Minifigure Bag.
  • The Daily Reward provides a Minifigure Bag on your 7th day logging in.
  • The Daily Reward provides a Minifigure Bag on your 113th day.

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