Scorch-Talon Matriarch

Scorch-Talon Matriarch


Scorch-Talon Matriarch is a Harpy Sentinel Champion in the Skyforge. When you defeat her a launcher (or jumper) appears allowing you to continue.


  • Scorch-Talon Matriarch performs either a kick attack or a knife attack from the air. About every third attack she does a spin as well.


  • None.

Battle Tactics

  • You may want to break her four allies first since she has so many hit points but doesn't seem to inflict too much damage in an attack.


  • Scorch-Talon Matriarch currently does not have the standard orange and red circle associated with Champions.
  • Every so often, when you break her, free and member Loot Chests drop, indicating that she is indeed a Champion.


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