Regular Enemy

Scouts are Native enemies found in Pirate World.


Scouts can be found after players go past the Cobweb Cranny checkpoint in Isle of Yarr. They can also be found in levels of Lost Creations.


They have two attacks that they can use.

  • Firing darts from the mouthpiece, which is their regular attack.
  • Throwing a bottle-like grenade, which upon hitting the ground, forms a trap. If a player steps on the trap, he/she will be slowed down significantly for a short period of time.




  • Some scouts can throw 2-3 grenades at once.
  • In Lost Creations, it is almost essential for players to avoid the traps by the scouts, as when a player slows down, he/she is very likely to be surrounded by a mob of enemies, dealing massive amounts of damage to the player.


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