Slark, the Aeronaut

Slark, the Aeronaut


Slark, the Aeronaut is an Alien Scoundrel Champion in the Alien Command Center found on the Planet's Dark Side.


  • Slark, the Aeronaut fires three photon missiles in a cone.
  • He is accompanied by two other Alien Scoundrels.
  • During battle he's supported by about 14 plasma balls in a line coming from the Northeast or Northwest.


  • None

Battle Tactics

  • Use Minifigures of the Tech Element.
  • There is no retreat or advance from his area once combat starts, unless you return to LEGO Center.
  • Avoid the line of plasma balls, which can do a lot of damage.
  • Attacking him at close range means you'll take a triple hit as opposed to one shot at a distance.


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