Space Command HQ


Icon Requirements
You have to be level 15, Obtain special D-Level access to the Space Police HQ
Icon Worlds Accessible
Space Colony
Icon Enemies
Mercenary Bully, Laser Cannon, Mercenary Muscle, Mercenary Bouncer, Mercenary Schemer, Assault Bot X-4, Robo Artillery, Tark, the Villainous, Battle Bot X-15
Icon Major Characters
Shadrack Circuit-Burn, Alien Queen, space marine.
Icon Interactive map
Space Command HQ

Space Command HQ

Created by Sim533Created by Sim533

"Shadow Centurions have overrun the headquaters of the Space Command. Speed, strength and creativity is needed to reclaim it."

The Space Command HQ is the Story Dungeon in the Space World. It can be accessed from Space Colony.

  • Defeat Battle Bot X-15 to conquer the dungeon and get free and member Loot Chests.
  • You cannot advance any further in the Space Colony until you conquer this dungeon.

Minifigure Parts

The following minifigure parts can be found here:

Associated Quests

  • Destroy the Robot Rampaging in the halls. You cannot advance until you do or retreat unless smashed.
  • Beat the Mercenary forces.
  • Fend off the invaders. You cannot advance until you do or retreat unless smashed. This includes Tark, the Villainous (see below).
  • Defeat Battle Bot X-15. You cannot retreat unless smashed. First time: gain 50 crystals and Minifigure Part.


Story Quest

You can do this only once.

  • Take the elevator out of the HQ (back to the Space Colony). No Reward.



  • For a quick run through the Space World, you are required to do this Story Dungeon.


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