Stars are the most common Reward in the game for smashing, building, breaking and advancing the story. You can also find them by opening Loot Chests, and by purchasing them. Your current star count is shown below your active minifigure's health bar.


You can upgrade your Minifigures with Stars or Diamonds to improve their attack, defense, speed, health or in some cases to give them new powers.


  • A normal Smashie may contain 0-3 stars.
  • A normal Buildie may contain 0-3 stars.
  • A normal Enemy or monster may contain 1 star or Super-star (see below).
  • A star-chest may contain 5 stars.
  • Loot chests may contain Super-stars:
    • Usually each yellow star-symbol represents 1 star. However, a few star-symbols represent 25, 100 or 250 stars (see Gallery below).
    • Super-stars are more likely to occur when smashing Enemies in the more advanced worlds: Space World, Mythology World and Dinosaur Rise.
  • Membership supposedly lets you earn more stars. Certainly you get stars in Member Loot Chests. Is there more?
  • The Daily Reward sometimes gives you lots of stars just for showing up.
  • During the month of December and first couple days of January, when you unlocked the Holiday Spirit, you would get extra Green Stars for smashies and enemies, while it lasted (an hour or so).

How to Upgrade

First you must choose a minifigure to upgrade. Then you must go to minifigures upgrade page and choose an upgrade.

More information about upgrades: Level


  • Satyr Valley of Mythology Mountains is a good place to smash enemies for the Super-stars of 25, 100, or 250.
  • Smash dinosaurs in Dinosaur Rise, and you may get the Super-stars, too.
  • Free chests in Lost Creations usually contain more stars the further you progress. Levels and minimum stars:
    • 1-2: 5,
    • 3-5: 105,
    • 6-7: 135,
    • 8-10: 235,
    • 11-12: 260,
    • 13-15: 360,
    • 16: 385


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