'Here’s the part where I swing in and save the day!'
Icon Stats
Icon Abilities
Dazzling Strike
You attack your enemies with a dazzling combo of fencing moves.


Dazzling Swing
You swing a rope in an acrobatic display of agility and flair!
Icon Skills
Power SkillNew1SkillNew1SkillNew1SkillNew1SkillNew0.5
Defense SkillNew1SkillNew1SkillNew0.5SkillNew0SkillNew0
Creativity SkillNew0.5SkillNew0SkillNew0SkillNew0SkillNew0

The Swashbuckler is the representative NPC of the Pirate World and a minifigure from Series 12. He first appears at the end of the tutorial level and can later be found in Pirate Town on the Isle of Yarr.


The Swashbuckler dreams of adding his own legend to those of the Forestman and other famous heroes. He’s practiced with his sword, learned all about sailing ships and riding horses, and read lots and lots of romantic poetry…and now he’s finally ready to show the world what a dashing and daring hero he can be!

He’s not quite perfect at it yet, though. He’s got the right wardrobe, and he definitely has the shiny teeth and charming laugh down pat, but the brim of his big floppy hat keeps falling in front of his eyes, and his puffy shirt always gets snagged on things at just the wrong moment. Still, if he keeps it up, one day the Swashbuckler is sure to succeed in becoming the true hero he’s always longed to be!

Storyline Role

Pirate World

When the player is thrown intto the Jail, he meets Swashbuckler who has also been thrown in for asking about Captain Dreadleg. He will tell the player to smash the walls so they can break out. After escaping they start to make a crew to stop dreadleg, composed of the Island Warrior, the Revolutionary Soldier and the Pizza Delivery Man (who Swashbuckler has a debt with them) and sneak in the jacket's fort where they find that Captain Dreadleg is turning the jackets into pirates for his ghost army. After fighting Dreadleg they go to pirate town to call a pirate council on The Pegleg Mermaid Tavern. Since Swashbuckler is no longer a pirate captain the crew must pass the Pirate Trials. After successfully passing the trials they convince the pirates to go to volcano island to stop Captain Dreadleg.

On Volcano Island Swashbuckler and the rest of the crew fight their way to Dreadleg's lair passing the volcano. After defeating him, Dreadleg confess that he wanted to return to being human, so they use the crystal compass to turn him back to normal. After Dreadleg is turned back into Smith, Swashbuckler comments that every good adventure ends with a bit of treasure, just before the wizard appeares saying that the kingdom is in danger.


The Swashbuckler is unlocked during the story in the Pirate World. The player will unlock him in Isle of Yarr.

The Swashbuckler is available by Series 12 codes, which can be found in Series 12 blind bags in real life.


  • Although the physical minifigure includes a gold sword, his in-game counterpart has a silver sword.
  • In early closed beta, his role was filled by the Sea Captain.


After you use your special attack, you will take less damage for a while.
You move faster after hitting an enemy with your normal attack.
Elemental Affinity
You deal more damage if your minifigure Element matches the location Element.
Left Hook
Every time you hit an enemy with your normal attack, you get a damage boost that disappears when you use your special attack.
Escape Artist
When low on health, you gain a burst of speed are able to move through enemies.
You do more damage.
When you smash an enemy with your Special Attack, you may receive a power-up.
When you smash an enemy, you heal a small amount of health.
Dazzling Lunge
You add lunge to your dazzling fencing combo, increasing your reach.
You move faster.
You do more damage.
You do more damage.


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