Icon Requirements
Icon Worlds Accessible
Pirate Beach
Icon Enemies
scallywag, Pirate Scallywag, Tiger, Commodore Moksey
Icon Major Characters
Video Game Guy, Swashbuckler
Icon Interactive map
Not available

The first part of the Tutorial takes place in a LEGO-store background where your starting character proceeds along shelves. The Video Game Guy instructs you to use your attack to break obstacles and fight enemies. You move from shelf to shelf by cannon-launchers. When you defeat the Tiger boss or miniboss, (which is surrounded by a red and yellow circle) you receive a minifigure bag for your next character on your team, the builder. You then have to build cannon-launcher and fan-blower to continue. Soon you open a giant chest to receive your minifigure bag for your 3rd teammate, which you chose at the start. Now you have access to the Collection button to look at all minifigures, achievements, settings, etc. At the end the Swashbuckler arrives to invite you to the Pirate World. They both inform you that minifigures are missing, and you should find them.

The next two settings for the tutorial are Pirate Beach and Jail.

Associated Quests

  • Smash the Ghostly Pirates.

Story Quest

Travel to the Pirate World.

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