Hi everybody !!!

Well the end of the game is very close, so i wanted to organize a party to see all our good friends a last time in this game and say good-bye.

I know the chat is not active but there is different platform (Steam, Wiki or others) where we could chat in parallel, we already did that sometimes ant that worked ;)

I know the game will close the 30 september but i don't know "witch" 30 : i mean that will be the 30 in Australia before Europa and the 30 in Europa before USA ...

So i suggest to meet the 29, during the hours :

- GMT : 8pm until 11pm until midnight (UK)

- GMT+1/+2 : 9pm until midnight/1am (France / Germany)

- EST : 3pm until 6pm (USA east coast)

- CST : 2pm until 5pm (USA center)

- PST : 1pm until 4pm (USA West coast :cool:)

- AWST : 5am until 8am (Australia the 30)

I can't put all the country and hours around the world, so i let you calculate for your own country XD

I think on this hours, a lot of people could organize to come a bit before/after work or before/after school.

After ofc we can stay more long or come earlier if we have time, but the goal is to be the maximum of players in the same time.

Try to join your friends and i hope see a lot of people, even very ancient players, to take screenshots, make videos, run in Lego Center, do some pockets for a last time and have a last memories  :D

The communauty on this game was really awesome ... i think we really deserves to be all together to say good-bye :)

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