Vespid Colony

Vespid Colony

Regular Enemy

The Vespid Colony is a generator-enemy in the Space Colony and the Planet's Dark Side.


The Vespid Colony is a monster plant (see below), which can drop Vespids, one after another. The colony doesn't move and doesn't attack directly.

Champions of this Enemy


Smash 50 Monster Plants for 50 points each as

  • (11) Evil Mech,
  • (12) Dino Tracker, Pizza Guy, Spooky Girl, Swashbuckler, Video Game Guy.

Battle Tactics

  • Vespid Colonies are more a nuisance than a threat, as you can quickly become surrounded by Vespids which block your shots to other enemies and your movements.
  • You can bypass them, and then take out the vespids that follow you when you are far enough away from the colony that more don't drop.

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