Volcano Island


Icon Requirements
Level 6, Enrolled in a pirate crew
Icon Worlds Accessible
Isle of Yarr, Pirate Grotto
Icon Enemies
Jungle Trickster, Tiger, Witch Doctor, Hunter, Scout, Spider Egg, Spiderling, Giant Spider, Karna Itta, Skeleton Fighter (1st 4 are secret), Pirate Cannon, Grenadier, Desperado, Scallywag,Corsair, Quicksword Billy, Fire Monkey, Fire Hound, Skeleton musketeer, Skeleton Defender, Skeleton Swashbuckler, Smuggy Totembound, Temper.
Icon Major Characters
Icon Interactive map

  Volcano Island is the second playfield of the Pirate World after Isle of Yarr. Enter Pirate Grotto and complete it to finish the level.

Minifigure parts

The following minifigure parts can be found here:

Associated Quests

  • Stop the Monkeys menacing the beach
  • Free the pirate prisoners
  • Smash your way through the pirate camp
  • Destroy the fire fiends and fire totems.

Story Dungeons

Epic Dungeons


Pocket Adventures

Defeat the Champion to earn free and member loot chests.


A Champion is shown with a red and orange ring around it. Sometimes defeating a Champion results in free and member Loot Chests.

  • Giant Spider. Defeat as Cyclops or Jester (25 Points each).
  • Karna Itta. Defeat as Librarian or Pizza Delivery Man (25 Points each).
  • Quicksword Billy. Defeat as Genie Girl(12), Hollywood Starlet(9), Piggy Guy(12), Roman Commander(10), Diner Waitress(11), Lady Robot(11) or Waiter (25 Points each).
  • Smuggy Totembound. Defeat as Hun Warrior , Warrior Women(10), or Mr. Good and Evil (25 Points each).
  • Temper. Defeat as Fairytale Princess, Mermaid, Policeman, Decorator(10), Welder(11) or Revolutionary Soldier (25 Points each).

Story Quests

You can do these only once.

  • Explore the island to find Captain Dreadleg. Reward: 10 Diamonds.
  • Find a passage through the Volcano. Reward: 10 Diamonds.
  • Find Captain Dreadleg's hideout. Reward: 10 Diamonds.


  • Pretzel Girl parts used to be found in Pirate World zones and dungeons. It has been replaced by Waiter parts.


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